7 pg- hr case study analysis

Case Study Analysis Project


With this project you will conduct an in-depth analysis of an international HRM case study.


Study the case and complete the following activities presented in the case document.


Activity A: Based on the information you have to date, what do you think the key priorities should be? (1/2 page)


Activity B: Who should be hired and why: PCNs, HCNs or a combination? (1 page)


Activity C: Write a recruitment advertisement for the new positions. (1/2 page)


Activity D: Design a compensation package for the hotel management position. Explain your rationale and include non-financial benefits. (1 page)


Activity E: Design a selection process for the candidates. (1 page)


Activity F: Design a training program for one of the managers. (1 page)


Activity G: Present expatriate services available in France. (1/2 page)


Include an introduction and a conclusion with this assignment and organize it with headings using the activities listed above.





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