400 words research proposal | Article writing homework help

research question is ” how does legalizing cannabis in canada effect the university students? “

based on only one academic article (at lease 5 pages)


· Use MLA or APA style for all in-text citations (including paraphrasing and quotations) and include a Works Cited entry.



· Identify your topic.

· Identify your research question.

· Why is it important to research this topic? Why is it significant?

Body Paragraph(s)

· Provide brief background information about the topic.

· Give a more detailed explanation about your intended purpose in researching this topic.

· Identify the issues your research would like to address.

· Briefly summarise the article you have chosen for the proposal (2-4 sentences).

o How is the article beneficial to your research?


· Summarise the purpose of your research.

· Identify why this research should be done.

· Identify how your research can contribute to scholarship on your topic.

Works Cited

· Include ALL sources used in your proposal on your Works Cited list.

o This should be written in either MLA or APA style.

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