311 Wk 3 F For Wizard Kim


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Use the attached documents to write this assignment. 

Many businesses today, as corporate entities other than sole proprietorships, voice their political and social views in various ways.  Chick-fil-A is an example of a business that voiced prominent views on the issue of gay rights, a perception it since has tried to reverse. This news article briefly summarizes the Chick-fil-A controversy:  https://www.courier-journal.com/story/money/companies/2019/03/26/chickfila-ceo-gay-marriage-comments-still-impact-reputation-lgbtq-community/3276142002/. 

For this Forum, consider the U.S. Supreme Court case in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. 310 (2010). (Your written Assignment this week is to prepare a case brief of this case. A copy of the case opinion is attached to the Week 3 Assignment.) Citizens United was a nonprofit corporation that wanted to publish a video about Hillary Clinton, a political opinion piece. Why was Citizens United’s video publication an issue?  What did the Supreme Court decide? Focus on the Court’s definition of “person” and the First Amendment arguments.  What are they? Do you agree that a business entity other than a sole proprietorship have the same First Amendment rights as individual humans? Why or why not?   

**Discuss the case and these questions and other views you have to offer.**

Additional Chick-fil-A reference:    Severson, K. (2012, July 25). Chick-fil-A thrust back into the spotlight on gay rights. New York Times. Retrieved from https://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/26/us/gay-rights-uproar-over-chick-fil-a-widens.html

Minimum 275 words, cite references in APA.