3 page double space due in 10hrs

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Don was a successful author of  two (2) books…”Up Against the Wal Marts” and “Solid Gold Success Strategies for Your Business”…and in both, he discusses the importance of Customer Service. Don would often arrange his schedule to travel to Stephenville and present to Small Business Management classes…discussing how small businesses could be successful in light of a changing business climate. Attached is a pdf PowerPoint presentation Don made for my students a number of  years ago…with much of the overall presentation still very relevant to today’s business climate.

For Assignment 13, I would like for you to peruse the attachments below…one being an SBA Learning Center link on Understanding Customers and the other being the pdf presentation shared by Don. From this information prepare a 3-4 page narrative discussing the topic of Customer Service, it’s relevance (or lack of) for success in entrepreneurial endeavors, and your overall thoughts and opinions regarding the topic.