2 page paper | Business & Finance homework help

Students will find an article covering a current event in the financial sector from a notable source (i.e. The Wall Street Journal, etc.) and write a full two page paper of the event and of the student’s analysis of the event. Include what you have learned from this class and how it helped you to look at/analyze the event. 

Papers to be cited in APA format. Work Cited page not included in page count. Each ¼ page reduction in length will result in one full letter grade deduction.

this is what you learn in this chapter, when you find the article and write the paper, pls follow this chapter topic.

chpter topic1

Risk and Return

1.Basic return and risk concepts

2.Stand-alone risk

3.Portfolio (market) risk

4.Risk and return: CAPM/SML

5.Market equilibrium and market efficiency

this 5 topic, you must be all write on the paper, not only choose one.

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