2 3 Pages Paper 19516613


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Write and develop an APA formatted paper (2-3 pages in length) that includes:

1. Introduction to the topic

2. A description of a situation resulting from a non-existent or poorly implemented process in your work environment (past or present).

3. An explanation of how you might be able to become a better leader by improving the process (or processes).

4. States what kinds of risk-taking and experiments might you be able to undertake

5. What the tradeoffs and potential benefits are

6. Describes the planning required to lead the proposed process change (can refer to Kotter’s/Lewin’s models).

7. States how will you build commitment within the organization for the proposed change

8. Conclusion

9. References page (At least 6 peer-reviewed article)

Please use the template to write the paper. 

I also attached my answer of the discussion question which is related to the paper. Please use the content of the discussion as your reference writing the paper. 

Please also include the article that I used for the discussion question to the paper.